The new baby breathing monitor from Cubo is here! They are so excited about this new addition to their smart home ecosystem that they have given it its very own blog. The new baby breathing monitor is designed for new parents who are constantly on the go and want to make sure their little one is always safe and secure. The monitor uses sophisticated sensors to track the baby’s breathing patterns and will let you know if they become irregular or inconsistent. If you’re looking to keep tabs on your little one while you’re away from home, but don’t want to deal with a more complicated monitor, the new baby breathing monitor is a great option.

How Does the New Baby Breathing Monitor Work?

The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor is a wifi video baby monitor that emphasizes safety. This baby monitor sends audio and video to up to eight family members or friends through a secure connection to Wifi and an application. This device’s most unique feature is the A.I. detection system which alerts parents when the baby’s face is covered, when they roll over, when the cross danger zones, or if they get out of their crib. It also measures temperature and humidity, provides two-way audio, and holds up to 18 hours of feed in a built-in memory so you can replay them. Using Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor, you can automatically take photos and videos of your baby and keep them safe in the app.

What Features Does the New Baby Breathing Monitor Offer?

The  baby breathing monitor offers a number of important functions that will ensure your child’s safety while you are away from them.

AI Baby Safety Detection

When a baby is in their crib or room, this feature analyzes their situation. If babies are in danger, such as when their faces are covered or when they roll over in bed, they will transmit alerts to parents or family members’ mobile devices via the Cubo Ai app and the wifi connection. It will also notify you if your baby is crying or entering a danger zone.

HD Night Vision

The baby breathing monitor ‘s camera is a 1080p HD camera with a 135° Wide Angle Lens, automatic light sensitivity adjustment, and no visible red light. You’ll be able to observe them more clearly at night and during the day thanks to the camera’s high resolution. Any smartphone’s camera must be of high enough quality to produce a good image of your baby, even if the smartphone is not compatible with the baby monitor. You can see the pattern of your baby’s clothes or even their breathing if the camera has a high resolution. It also has a soothing night light that is appropriate for your baby’s sleeping environment.

Moments Capture

As babies develop, they continue to grow and demonstrate new skills. The baby monitor features AI auto photo capture, which can capture your baby’s developmental milestones as they grow. Those moments will be added to an automatically updated moments wall. You can make photo albums of your baby’s sleeping face, when they enjoy playing alone in their bed, even their sweet screams, when they demonstrate new skills such as standing on their own, and so on.  It can also save photos or videos from the live stream so that you may review them afterwards, especially if something happened that you need to look into.

Sleep Monitoring and Soothing

It contains sleep analytics that offer parents a report of quantity information about their baby’s night every morning. The report includes information such as the time the infant goes to bed, the length of their sleep, the number of times they wake up, and the number of times they are visited by caregivers. It has an 18-hour sleep playback feature that allows you to access the highlights from the previous night. It also features built-in lullabies to soothe your baby if they wake up crying in the middle of the night.

Thoughtful Additions

Additional functions of the baby monitor are beneficial to both babies and parents:

  1. True cry detection features alert you when your baby is crying in his or her crib or nursery. 
  1. It also incorporates temperature and humidity detection, so you’ll know if your baby’s environment is too cold, too hot, or too humid without having to go into the room to check.
  1. When you want to communicate with your baby while you are away, the two-way audio capability comes in handy. You can talk to your baby to calm them down if they become calm when they hear your voice on the baby monitor.
  1.  It also has a soothing night light that is appropriate for your baby’s sleeping environment.

Bank-Level Security

The baby monitor features backend security that prevents intruders from accessing data. Your photos and videos will be stored on the cloud, such as Amazon Web Services and Google, and your data will be protected with bank-level security.

Cubo Ai App

Cubo Ai is available on the App Store and Google Play. It works with iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets. It can handle up to eight simultaneous logins. This app allows you to control and customize the functions of your baby monitor. Everything you need to know is available in a single app, from your baby’s live feed to images, sleep analytics reports, and etc. The app features two-factor authentication, allowing you to manage who can log in. You can also connect your nursery to your smart home, such as Google Home or Alexa, to use simple voice commands instead of going through the app.

Should You Buy the Cubo Ai Baby Breathing Monitor?

The current state of our homes and workplaces forces us to realize that health and safety are our top priority. Our baby’s safety does not have to mean that you are always by their side or that you carry them everywhere. You can do better than that, thanks to technological advancements. You may have peace of mind leaving your baby for hours while attending to other tasks thanks to advanced technology and security. Cubo Ai baby breathing monitor is an excellent choice for most families’ needs and concerns. The Cubo Ai baby monitor’s features and advanced technology are the reasons you should consider purchasing one.

Final Words: Is the New Baby Breathing Monitor a Good Purchase?

The Cubo Ai baby breathing monitor is an excellent choice because it practically has all of the features you need to ensure that your child is safe while you are away from them. The advanced features that we discussed in this article are enough to convince you that it is a worthy investment.

By Manali