On many team sports with national teams, it is not rare to see some players who have played for more than one national team. The best bet official website is 1xBet, and it can be used for lots of international sports competitions.

Cricket is not the exception. There are a few players who have represented more than one national side. This was far easier in the beginning of the professional game. Specifically, during the late 19th and early 20th century, no clear rules existed regarding the criteria for selecting players for national teams. For this reason, a few players represented more than a single national squad. The 1xBet official website is the best location to place a bet on many international cricket matches.

Australia and England

In the beginnings of international cricket during the late 19th century, the teams that played each other the most were Australia and England. As a result, it was not unusual to see players switching allegiances between those two teams. The cricket match betting on 1xBet website offers excellent opportunities for wagering on those two squads. Some of the names that changed between those two squads were:

  • Billy Murdoch;
  • Billy Midwinter;
  • J. J. Ferris;
  • Sammy Woods;
  • and Albert Trott.

In fact, many of those players achieved legendary status in those nations. It should also be said that they participated in many editions of The Ashes. This is the most traditional cricket Test event between Australia and England. The cricket match betting on the 1xBet website also allows punters to wager on everything that happens on the always entertaining Ashes.

New regulations

Obviously, not all players switched between Australia and England or vice versa. In general, it is possible to find many other names who changed between other nations. While waiting for some great Test matches, you can visit in.1xbet.com/casino – real money online casinos with fantastic games.

However, during recent decades, the International Cricket Council started to become more actively involved in this topic. Specifically, they established new regulations and rules in order to better define the conditions when players can change national teams.

Currently, any player who wants to move from a full ICC member team to another full or associate member must endure a long wait. Specifically, three years need to pass between his last match with the former full ICC before featuring with the new squad. In the opposite case, those who play for an associate team and want to move to another associate or full member don’t need to wait at all. The real money online casinos offered by 1xBet feature great possibilities to wager on competitions organized by the ICC.

By Manali