What is a Fire Pit?

Thinking historically, a fire enclosure is a great indicator of the length, date and health of a civilization. Archeologists can use carbon dating to determine when a civilization died out based on the remnants of embers found in ancient fire trenches. Many indigenous flaming structures were also personalized and decorated in such a way that we might learn a bit about the people who burned those flames many centuries ago.

Many of those fire shafts still persist in modern indigenous communities, as the Lakota People in the American Midwest still use the Dakota fire pit method to cook food outdoors while also trapping smoke so as to not draw attention to the existence of combustion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_pit#Dakota_fire_pit. In fact, the United States military, in addition to utilizing Native American code talkers to assist with World War II, has also traditionally used Dakota devices to access heat during battle. In the heart of theatre, the Dakota fiery trench has helped soldiers remain warm while also staying shrouded in secrecy so as to not give away their position to the enemy.

Dating back to the Fourteenth Century, Japanese Raku pottery has utilized fire trenches to create gorgeous pieces of artwork. The combination of fire and ceramics made the items uniquely beautiful. Even Antoni Gaudi when making his interior designs occasionally used fire pits! These heating methods have a long history of use by humanity before they became a decorative feature in our back yards.

Should You Consider Owning a Fire Pit?

Fire pits require considerable outdoor space to be both effective and safe. A burning pit may not be the right choice for your backyard if you live in cramped, close quarters. Do not even consider a burning enclosure if you are living in an apartment building, even if you have a balcony! There are smaller outdoor grills that will be more appropriate, and your outdoor heating source should be something far more compact.

If you have enough space in your backyard, purchasing an outdoor heat structure is a great way to maintain warmth outside during colder months. A heated pit does not necessitate outdoor furniture, but it does serve as a lovely accent to an outdoor patio or back porch. Combustion structures are also key in providing a rustic feel to the exterior of a home. In an area where people enjoy being outside communing with nature, a flaming structure can give that natural, sustainable feeling of being connected to one of earth’s elements while also remaining warm.

Burning pits can be shaped like tables, bowls, Dakota trenches (meaning they are under ground), among other shapes. The shape is an aesthetic choice that should be appointed by keeping your existing decor in mind. They will mostly be black or silver, though customizable fiery enclosures can be created to attune to any theme in existence. Thankfully, however, there are many affordable fire pits online that will work with any outdoor furniture theme, so customized burning pits are not necessary to achieve a beautiful exterior hearth.

What Fire Pit is the Right One for Me?

Just as gas stoves are a legitimate preference that some people have when cooking food, gas fire bowls are also a studied choice for those who want their fire structures to be quickly functional and operational. Some people strongly prefer the aesthetic of wood-burning bowls, in which case, their options may range from combustion vessels made of wrought iron and some made of various types of stone. It is critically important that safety is paramount, as some people do not have access to the propane fuel tanks required to maintain the use of a gas-powered burning bowl. Most people with backyards large enough to accommodate fire pits may also have access to lumber required to foment a proper and impressive burn, so click here to learn about affordable wood.

One should also consider the type of patio furniture that will be accompanying the flame enclosure. For a rustic feel, acquiring specific stones to accent the fiery pit will be necessary, while an industrial design may call for a bowl-shaped structure that utilizes steel, aluminum and other metals that can be moulded to suit your needs but will also hold their shape adequately.

Table top burning structures are easily the most versatile, as they can be accentuated elegantly enough to work for a high-end outdoor function, but can also be presented as a comfortable, cozy space to watch a sporting event. They can also be presented in such a way that they foster romantic vibes among those in attendance, while also laid back enough for a casual family gathering. Elevated fire pits possess the versatility you might seek in helping you create an outdoor experience that is eminently customizable and functional.

By Manali