Safari and Chrome are two of the most powerful browsers on the market. While Safari is pre-installed on Apple devices, it doesn’t imply it’s the most fantastic option — especially since Chrome is often regarded as the most exemplary browser available, offering exceptional extensions. It provides the highest level of security as it offers various extensions, including VPN extensions that can be used to switch your location to Birmingham by using a Birmingham VPN.

Safari is well-known to all Mac users as it is the default browser for Mac computers and iPhones.

However, just because Safari is installed by default does not imply that it is the best. With Google Chrome browser applications available on both Apple desktops and iOS, you may be wondering if you should make a move.

This post is not for you if you are not a Mac user. In this article, we compare Safari with Google Chrome on Mac and iOS to determine which is superior to assist you in making your decision. Keep reading to see who comes out on top in our Safari vs. Chrome comparison.

Safari vs. Chrome Evaluation Criteria

We will compare both web browsers based on different strengths, including ease of use, features, security and privacy, and performance. At the end of evaluating each, we will come up with who aces in that particular department, and in the end, we’ll come up with a final winner considering all the above criteria.


First of all, we will evaluate the features of both browsers. It is fair to say that Google and Safari cover the basics of a good browsing experience, but we all want more than basic functionality in today’s digital world. Extensions, customization, and native tools are all considered in this round.

1.    Customization

Safari’s design and operation are relatively simple. On Mac, you can alter the appearance and feel of the browser, but your options are restricted. For example, you may change the backdrop of the Safari home screen but not the desktop’s overall color and theme.

Google Chrome, on the other hand, has many more possibilities. You may select from over 24 different color themes or even create your backdrop with an image of your choosing. It’s a similar tale for both mobile applications.

2.    Apple Ecosystem vs. Google Extensions

The Chrome extensions library, like that of Firefox, is vast and diverse, with many apps available for free. Google Chrome also has the most add-ons.

In comparison, Safari’s extension library appears to be relatively small. While you may access well-known apps such as Honey and 1Password, many more are incompatible with Safari.

In summary, Chrome provides significantly more flexibility and customization than Safari. This is particularly true with VPNs. At the moment, none of the leading VPN companies offer a browser extension for the most recent version of Safari, but they do for Google Chrome.

These VPN extensions make it easy for you to change your IP address to some other location; for instance, if you want to switch your location to Birmingham, you can use a Birmingham VPN server.

3.    Syncing

Both web browsers have good synchronization capabilities. We enjoy how Safari integrates various Apple features to provide a unified surfing experience across all Apple products.

When combined with iCloud sync and Apple’s iCloud keychain software, you may travel from your iPhone to your iPad to your Mac laptop without interrupting your surfing experience. Your browser history is immediately saved.

Google Chrome, on the other hand, performs admirably in terms of consistency. You may sync your browsing experience across devices if you have a Google account. While Google Chrome does not support Apple Pay, it does have its payment method, Google Pay, that you may enable for a speedier payment experience.


Regarding functionality, Google Chrome and Safari are almost neck and neck. Still, Google Chrome offers better degrees of customization and an extensive library of web extensions, making it the winner in this aspect.


Both Safari and Google Chrome are simple to use on desktop and mobile devices; we looked at which user interface seemed more enjoyable to use in this aspect. Chrome has a minor advantage on iPhones and Mac.

Safari’s user interface is simple and easy to understand. The search bar sits at the top of the screen on both desktop and mobile. The home screen is then embellished with widgets that display frequently visited websites, favorite websites, and recommended reading based on your surfing history.

Chrome is also very simple to use. Unless you modify it, the homepage includes the iconic Google search box and commonly frequented websites underneath it. There are additional widgets in the upper right corner of the page that provide rapid access to Google programs such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Translate, and YouTube.


While both are simple to use, Google Chrome feels more vibrant and user-friendly than Apple’s browser.

Performance, Security & Privacy

Safari is a lighter browser than Chrome. While not as fast, Safari is more efficient in terms of battery life for iOS and Mac performance than Chrome, especially when there are numerous open tabs. Safari and Chrome use Google’s Safe Browsing database to protect users against phishing and malware. They also both have password management features.

You’ll also benefit from dark web monitoring if you utilize Google’s password manager or Safari’s iCloud keychain. This tool employs data analytics to warn you about disclosing your passwords and email addresses in data dumps and breaches.

Google has been in problems with data privacy regulators several times in recent years for its use of cookies and unlawful gathering of personal data. On the other hand, Apple has managed to keep out of the news for these reasons.

Final Verdict

Chrome is our clear winner, but we recommend pairing it with a VPN to safeguard your online anonymity while masking your IP address into another location using VPN servers from different regions like Birmingham VPN.

Thank you for your time! What are your opinions on the Chrome vs. Safari battle? Do you think Chrome is the better browser overall, and if so, why or why not? Tell us in the comments.        

By Manali