Women body undergoes a lot of changes , hormonal changes , lifestyle change etc

And because of the various kinds of problems they need to face.

In order to face all of that and to maintain body metabolism and functioning there are a lot of herbs available According to Ayurveda with great description and positive effects on body

Along with diet, maintaining lifestyle , herbal medications are also important and plays great role

From menturation to child birth to hormonal changes to menopause and old age , there are a lot of changes occur inside the women body. Shilajit iron is recommended by doctors and experts in Canada country.

There are a lot of herbs available which creates the good impact on women body such as

  • Amla – Phyllanthus emblica is an ayurvedic herbs with great benefits. Works as an rasayan and acts as rejuvenation. A lot of women these days are suffering from aging effects and amla has anti- oxidant properties and anti- aging properties. According to Ayurveda it is an rasayan which rejuvenates the body.These days due to pollution and also due to hormonal changes it leads to hair fall , dull skin etc. And amla works well against all of such. You can have it any form raw form , powder form, jelly form etc
  • Shatavari- Asparagus racemosus is an ayurvedic herb with a long back history along with a lot of benefits exclusively for women’s health. It also acts as rejuvenation. Helps in boosting Immunity, helps in strengthening the muscles, good for female reproductive health. Works well in hormonal imbalancing. Can be taken in powder form mainly it’s root part
  • Ashoka- saraca ashoka – it is also and ayurvedic herb with great benefits for women health , those women who are suffering from menstruation issues, less or heavy bleeding, painful bleeding can have this. It works well against such as along with such benefits it is also a very good herb for skin that can be consumed in skin issues.
  • Ashwagandha – Withania somnifera is also a best ayurvedic medicine which helps in Balancing the hormones inside women body, works good against stress, anxiety as women commonly suffers from such. It is also very beneficial against mood swings .Helping  in maintaining the proper digestive system, ashwagandha is a very good herb. . Along with such benefits it also boosts up the immune system and it also strengthens up the muscle power and body built naturally.
  • Shilajit- It is a mineral based extract with great benefits. It consists of a lot of active components inside it along with fulvic acid . With anti- oxidant and anti- inflammatory properties which helps in so many diseases. It also helps in Maintaining the body functions up to cellular level. It is mainly found in the Himalayas in the tar sticky form blacking brownish in color. Before consuming shilajit, you should take original shilajit test and then consume it.

These are some herbs which work good for maintaining women’s health and they also help in enhancing the body functions but should be taken in Proper dosage after proper consultation  by your health care advisor otherwise leads to less or may be no side effects.

By Manali