Living Room

Living rooms always demand a more intrinsic approach. If your living room doesn’t speak fashion and style, the rest of your house just looks dull. Living room decor mainly comprises a lot of furniture, which sometimes makes the end product look overwhelming.

But there are certain additions like a James Said designer chandelier that can make a huge difference in your living room and portray a more luxurious visual for you and your guest. Making memories with family and friends over meals can become more appealing through exclusive decor and ornaments.

Here are a few compelling living room decor suggestions.

Innovative Furnace

One of the much-needed additions to your living room is a furnace to keep you warm and cosy on chilly nights. Rather than getting a traditional fireplace installed, you can check some more innovative options that ignite the furnace through automation, leaving you at ease.

Smart Lighting

Natural lighting is an important factor to have around your home. You can install roof-mounted skylights and some floor-mounted lights near vases and plants around the living room. Smart lighting comes with an innovative feature that enables you to set the lighting according to your mood. You can automatically tone the lights down a notch for a romantic evening. 

Neutral Contrasts

Try to use plain and neutral colours in your living room. Basic paints leave a lot of space for different kinds of decor. Neutral colours complement other shades very well. While most living rooms are traditional black and white, you can try a navy blue and ashy-grey combination for the colour contrast in your living room.

Plant Shelves

Plant shelves are similar to bookshelves, but they take up less space and are easily portable around the room. If you want a bit more greenery, some indoor flowers and leaves can highlight your living room’s interior.

Porcelain Tilings

Porcelain tiles on the living room flooring or an entire enclosed or curved tile entrance will make the whole home look classier. Tiles are easier to clean and come in multiple patterns; tinted tiles for the living room table will be a massive appeal for the entire room.


If you’re in the position of designating a space for the living room, you should pick a room with high ventilation and access to natural lighting. Airy rooms with many windows are the perfect fit for family gatherings. 

Mono-Coloured Furniture

Pick more monotone furniture that compliments the walls of your living room. Usually, living room furniture comprises sofas and sitting amenities. Ensure that all of the furniture pieces belong to the same set. It’s more decent to place an entire sofa set of the same tone in the living room. You can add a large contrasting painting if you want additional colour.

Exposed Brick Walls

Usually, exposed brick walls are a living room asset. It’s more natural and aesthetic. If you find yourself in the position of renovating the living room, leave a clean wall’s bricks exposed to bring a traditional touch. You can hang a wall clock or some paintings on preference.

By Manali