After years of exposure to the elements and harsh weather, your roof may require maintenance and repairs. But whether it needs a complete overhaul or a minor repair, you should find the right roofing contractor. The contractor should be customer-focused, reputable, and professional.

That’s why Sarkinen Plumbing – a trusted roofing contractor should be at the top of your list. But first, here are a few aspects you should look for before hiring a roofing contractor:

Check Their Licencing, Insurance, and Certification 

Checking for licensing, insurance, and certification should be a priority before asking for quotes or hiring a roofing contractor. The roofer should have workers’ compensation coverage, liability insurance, and contractors’ license in most states.

Not all roofing contractors are licensed and insured. That’s why we recommend spending some time verifying that your roofing contractor is licensed and insured. That way, you eliminate shoddy contractors whose negligence may cost you thousands of dollars. And as roofers work on your premises, full insurance coverage protects them if they sustain bodily injuries. 

Find a Reputable Company 

While family and friends can suggest a reputable company, it should also have a good reputation in the industry. First, find a Sydney roofing company with a long-serving record in the field. If a roofer is knowledgeable and experienced, they are ready for any incident in the course of work. Their licensing and insurance status also adds to these factors.

In addition, visit the Better Business Bureau website and assess their standing. While not all roofing businesses are necessary BBB membres, you may capture complaints concerning the roofer. Similarly, a reputable company should have physical offices rather than work from home. That way, you can visit them if need be and check their mode of operation.

Clear Communication

Behind all successful projects is clear communication. Roofers who fail to communicate are hard to work with. For this reason, avoid them altogether. If a prospective roofer fails to communicate effectively during an interview, they’ll possibly fail to communicate well during work.

Find out if they have neglected texts and calls in the past. Also, beware if they are unresponsive to your requests. In addition, some may act defensive when you’re inquiring on a paper trail or references, and others may depict low interest in communication. Use these factors as signals to find better roofing contractors.

Consider Local Referrals and Reviews 

Friends and family can recommend a good roofing contractor. If they find a particular contractor reliable, you may also do the same. But still, ensure you interview them before hiring.

Also, read online reviews and check if the roofing company has recently gotten positive reviews. But don’t despise a company because they have a few bad reviews. If most clients are satisfied working with them, consider hiring them. Under reviews, factors you should check include experience, service quality, reliability, and customer service. Besides their website, you can review these aspects on their social media accounts.

Hire the Right Contractor

Rather than hiring a general contractor, find a roofing specialist. Unlike roofing experts, general contractors may find your roofing complicated. On the other hand, attempting to fix your roof because it has minor leaks can further exacerbate the issue rather than solve it.

When hiring, inquire about the roofer’s specialty. Although you won’t necessarily have to know much concerning the roofing industry, understand the type of materials your roof has. Then, you may share this information with your roofer. Knowing what your roof incorporates and needs guarantees your roofer has the right knowledge. If not, let them recommend a more qualified contractor.

Confirm Physical Location

With the current technology, you can access most information electronically. For example, you can assess roofing companies online, navigate their website, video call, email, or chat live with their representatives. 

Above all, check whether they have a physical office. If not, consider it a red flag. If they have a physical address, you can easily visit them when problems emerge after work. For the same reason, consider working with a local contractor near you. They are easy to find when things go wrong after the project and are reputable and tested in the area.

Check Previous Work Samples 

Before hiring a roofing contractor, inspect their video and photo portfolios. These samples help you determine whether a particular contractor can satisfactorily complete the task at hand. In addition, most roofing companies post their past samples on their website and social media.

Besides, ask for references. Then reach out to former clients and inquire a thing or two about the roofing company. For instance, was the roofer’s workmanship satisfactory for them?

By Manali