Foreign visitors to India can now apply for electronic visas (e-Visas). Several months after being suspended due to the COVID-19, the online service is now available to travelers. Visas for India can now be obtained online by citizens of more than 150 countries.

Business visas, conferences visas, medical treatment visas, and visas to accompany a patient are currently available. During this time, India’s travel restrictions related to Coronavirus are being eased. With the platform, foreign nationals can easily obtain a visa to enter India.

To ensure a smooth travel experience, foreign visitors should make sure they apply 4 days in advance of travel.

Indian business and medical visa

Does India have all e-visa options?

Although eVisas are indeed available again, not all types are available online yet. The pandemic is currently affecting India. The country is likely to relax its travel restrictions even more as the situation progresses and the number of Coronavirus infections in the country drops.

International visitors to India may currently apply for the following e-Visas:

  • Business Visa
  • Conference Visa
  • Medical Visa
  • Medical Attendant Visa

What can visitors to India do with e-Visas do while they are there?

By using the online service, only foreigners intending to participate in specific activities can get permission to visit India. The India Business Visa and e-Conference visa are both available to travelers and individuals who plan to attend conferences in India. Business-related activities may be carried out in India while holding an Indian e-Business Visa. Once it is issued, it is valid for a whole year. It allows foreign nationals to travel to India on multiple business trips during this period. Maximum 180 days can be spent on each trip. An e-Conference Visa is a permit that permits a single entry in order to participate in an event. An individual can stay for a maximum of 30 days.

It is also possible for medical patients to obtain an online visa to enter India. India Medical Visa allows foreign travelers to enter the country for medical treatment. Hospitals or medical centers in the country must approve this procedure. It is permitted for patients to have up to two people with them. Through the online system, these companions can obtain e-Medical Attendant Visas. Those who hold either of these types of medical e-Visa for India can enter India for treatment three times. Up to 60 days can be spent on each stay.

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